Kent Buer
President/Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board

Kent Buer grew up on a farm in Republic County, Kansas. Kent earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance from Kansas State University in 1985 and started his financial career as a Financial Examiner with the State of Kansas Banking Department that same year. Kent met his best friend, Marcy, in college and they have been married since 1986. He earned a Graduate School of Banking diploma from the University of Wisconsin in 1996 and joined First Bank Kansas in 1999 as Senior Vice President of Lending. Kent serves on the Board of First Bank Kansas and also Advantage Trust Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Bank Kansas. Kent is also on the Board of Salina Regional Health Center and is active in his church, mission work, AMBUCS, Rotary and with his little brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Kent sees his primary role at First Bank Kansas as the “keeper of the culture” in shaping and protecting the corporate personality of First Bank Kansas which includes coaching employees to embrace faith, family and community as the utmost importance in work-life balance.

Angela Eilrich
Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer

Angela began her banking career with First Bank Kansas in 1981. Over the years, she has held various positions at the bank in the areas of teller operations, bookkeeping, compliance, audit, human resources, marketing, information technology, product development, project management and training. Angie completed the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado in 2006.

Curt Glaser
Executive Vice President/Chief Lending Officer/Regional Manager

Curt graduated in 1986 from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. Curt has over 30 years of banking experience, beginning as an agriculture loan officer in Hiawatha, Kansas. Curt then moved to McPherson for several years as a loan officer before joining First Bank Kansas in Ellsworth in 1992. He has held a variety of bank positions, most currently serving as the bank’s Senior Lender and Regional Manager.

Board of Directors:

Kent Buer
Clayton Huseman
Stephanie Klingzell-Carlin
Julie Sager-Miller
Cheryl Murray
Jacob Sands
John C (Chris) Short
Mark Sutherland
Michael Sutherland
Paige Sutherland

Advisory Director:

Matthew Sutherland

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