Why Travel with First Bank Kansas?


#10  We’ve got wi-fi
We make sure you can stay connected with friends and family, even on the road!


#9  We bring the directions with us
Who’s got time to stop and ask?


#8  We’ve done this before…. many times
No amateurs here!


#7  We have high quality accommodations
You deserve the very best!


#6  We play games and have prizes
No reason to be bored on the bus!


#5  We seek out unique dining experiences
And we never go hungry!


#4  We’ve never left anyone behind
This one speaks for itself!


#3  When the unexpected happens, we give you snacks!
Because snacks fix EVERYTHING!


#2  We will know you by name
We’ll also know your children’s names, and your dog’s name, and your favorite ice cream!


and the #1 best reason to travel with First Bank Kansas?

We’re all inclusive, organized and stay on schedule
We make sure your trip is stress-free and hassle-free!


  • On trips four days or longer, First Bank Kansas has purchased Travel Insured Group Protection Plan on behalf of all travelers.
  • All trips are based on double occupancy, deluxe motorcoach transportation with wi-fi from Salina, and all gratuities.
  • Members of the First Bank Kansas Travel Club are:
  • Customers age 50 and better who have an Elite or Select checking account
  • Freedom Club Members
  • Non-Members are:
  • Simple Checking Customers
  • Ask us how you can become a member!

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