First Bank Kansas Promotions

The shareholders of First Bank Kansas have re-elected the following board members: Kent Buer, Mark Sutherland, Stephanie Carlin, Clayton Huseman, Cheryl Murray, Jacob Sands, John “Chris” Short, Michael Sutherland, and Paige Sutherland. 

In addition, the following new board of director members were elected:

Curt Glaser is Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer at First Bank Kansas and has been with the bank for 28 years. “I feel honored to be able to represent and be a voice for our customers and stockholders,” said Glaser. “One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is being able to help our customers and communities achieve their financial goals.” NMLS# 740399

Angie Eilrich is Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at First Bank Kansas and has been with the bank for nearly 40 years. “Being elected to the board is a privilege that comes with much responsibility. A position on the board assures that I have a voice in what is best for our bank, our customers, and our employees,” said Eilrich. “I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. It’s exciting to be part of such a successful team that is dedicated to their communities and each other.”

Brian Boyer was recently promoted to President and CEO of Advantage Trust Company. “Having been part of the First Bank Kansas family, as an employee of Advantage Trust Company, for more than 22 years, I am honored and excited to have been elected to the First Bank Kansas Board of Directors,” said Boyer. “It’s all about building relationships and making a difference in our clients’ lives – often at times when they need help the most.”


The First Bank Kansas Board of Directors is proud to announce the following promotions.

Bill Mahanay has been with First Bank Kansas for six years and was promoted to Senior Vice President/Ag and Commercial Loan Officer. “First Bank Kansas is blessed to have many skilled and dedicated employees working towards a common set of customer-centered goals. I am honored and humbled that our leadership team chose to recognize me in this way,” said Mahanay. NMLS#1305196

 Cindy Rempe has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Commercial Services. “I enjoy helping business owners simplify their office procedures so they can spend more time doing what they do best, running their business,” said Rempe, who has been with First Bank Kansas for 15 years. 

Katie Schneider has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations & Systems Management/Information Security Officer. “It’s very humbling to receive this designation when we have so many amazing people that give it their all at First Bank Kansas,” said Schneider. “We have a really special family-like atmosphere that makes it easy to come to work each day.” 

Mindi Davidson has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Human Resources. “Receiving this promotion is an honor because it means that my hard work, dedication, loyalty, and 24 years of service to First Bank Kansas are valued and appreciated”, said Davidson. “I love helping the bank retain and find people with the right skills and talent to be on our team.” 


Jaci Latham has been promoted to Vice President of Loan Administration. “I am grateful for the confidence the management team has in me and the support they have shown to this position,” said Latham. Throughout her 16 years with First Bank Kansas, Latham continues to be passionate about the success of the bank, her team, and her co-workers.

Jessica Haines has been promoted to Vice President of Mortgage Loan Administration. “I appreciate the recognition of all the hard work, loyalty, and diligence I have put into my 13-year tenure at First Bank Kansas,” said Haines. “I know that the customer is the number one priority for First Bank Kansas; their lives and how we can affect them in a positive way is of the utmost importance to me.”


Diane Doll has been with First Bank Kansas for eight years and recently promoted to Loan Officer. Doll is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals. “When I can take a customer from little credit to good credit in order for them to purchase a home, that is an awesome day!” said Doll. NMLS# 239673

Grant Srajer has been promoted to Loan Officer. “I am honored to receive this promotion as recognition of my hard work and dedication to First Bank Kansas,” said Srajer. “I am passionate about my work because I can help customers achieve their goals and make an impact on my community.” NMLS# 1945481

Carly Sutton has been promoted to Loan Officer. “I am so thankful for the opportunity to better serve my customers and represent First Bank Kansas at this new level,” said Sutton. “I am passionate about helping others discover new possibilities, and I want to be a valuable resource for customers as they navigate through the loan process.” NMLS# 1213315


Advantage Trust Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of First Bank Kansas, is also pleased to announce the following promotions.

Kerry Ditto has been promoted to Vice President and Trust Officer. “It is a privilege to work with such great people at Advantage Trust Company these past four years,” said Ditto. “We all have our different areas of expertise; coming into work, I feel challenged and want to learn more every day. Working with our clients and my amazing colleagues makes me passionate about the work we are doing. The appreciation from clients is overwhelming, and I am honored to work with them all.”

Bobby Richardson has been promoted to Senior Vice President and Investment Officer. In May, Bobby will have been with Advantage Trust Company for 22 years. “Our success is built upon everyone working together; I am honored to be a part of this wonderful team,” said Richardson. “This job is all about helping our clients reach their financial goals. We want to assist our clients along their path to success.”

Julie Beswick has been promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. “I am both honored and humbled to receive this promotion,” said Beswick. “The relationships that I have formed with my clients and colleagues over the past 15 years are the primary reasons I love what I do. I hope to one day make an impact in their lives as they have in mine.”


About First Bank Kansas and Advantage Trust Company

Founded in 1961, First Bank Kansas is a community bank that strives to know their customers and deliver exceptional service. With assets of over $500 million, First Bank Kansas is small enough to continue to provide personal service and make local decisions, yet large enough to provide the services their customers want and need. First Bank Kansas is an Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC. Advantage Trust Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of First Bank Kansas, was founded in 1997. Advantage Trust Company provides trust and investment services and currently manages over $900 million in assets.