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First Bank Kansas' Internet Banking services are not just functional, but also secure. In order to prevent unauthorized users from being able to login to the Internet Banking section of this website and to ensure the security of your information, First Bank Kansas has established several security measures.

When you use our website, you can opt to select Internet Banking. You will be prompted for identifying information such as your Login ID and Password. This information will then be processed over a secure private network to the database server, which will reply with the information you have requested.

Data transmitted between you and First Bank Kansas is secured through a protocol known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL provides data encryption, server authentication and message integrity. SSL ensures that data transmitted from that page cannot be altered when transmitted over the internet. Browsers that do not support SSL are unable to access the Internet Banking application or account data of any kind.

Our provider also utilizes a security analyzer program that constantly monitors log-in attempts. This program recognizes failed login attempts, which could indicate a possible unauthorized attempt to login to a particular account. After 3 invalid login attempts the system will lock out the account.

We can identify you by checking the computer(s) that you are using to access our website. Typically you will access our website from one or two computers, such as your work and home machines. Either away, our website will remember your computer, preventing potential fraudsters from logging into your account even if they acquire or guess your Login ID and password. Should you need to login from a different computer, we will take additional steps to verify your identity, by requiring a Temporary Access Code in order to register a new device.

This security feature provides an increase in your online banking security versus Login ID and password authentication only, without much change in your experience.

To ensure the validity of our security mechanisms, independent sources perform security tests on a regularly scheduled basis. If the test indicates that our security system should be modified, we will take steps to modify it as soon as is reasonably possible.

Through our efforts and the use of this technology, we can provide you with real time access to your account information and ensure that you have seamless and secure network access.

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