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Check Order Application

Click HERE if you would like to reorder additional boxes of checks or select a new design directly through our vendor. If you have name or address changes, or prefer we order for you, please complete the form below.

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*Account Number
*Social Security Number
Please enter the address that you would like the checks shipped to:
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*City, State Zip ,
Please enter your personal information below as you wish it to appear on your checks:
*Name (First M. Last)
Second Name(First M. Last)
*City, State Zip ,
Please complete up to three (extras will be ignored) of the following optional information only if you wish it to appear on your checks:
2nd Name(First M. Last)
Home Phone Number
Work Phone Number
Driver's License Number State
Social Security Number
*What check number should this order of checks begin with?
I/we agree that this Check Re-Order Form may be processed by First Bank Kansas and that First Bank Kansas may deduct the cost from my/our checking account.

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