Common Red Flags

Along with the convenience of technology, comes the risk of fraud. We want to share some of the common red flags you should be on the lookout for with scams today. 

Due to the widespread number of data breaches occurring each year, card numbers and contact information are available on the dark web to criminals. Many fraud attempts will start through a text message or a phone call saying there has been fraudulent activity detected on your debit card. Once you’re on the phone to confirm the transaction is fraud (because it’s completely made up by them) you’re in a position to believe they have your best interest in mind and you’re ready to work with them to get things stopped.

Because First Bank Kansas has a legitimate fraud center that does call and send text messages, this action alone shouldn’t be alarming. However, if any of the following RED FLAG situations come up – hang up immediately and contact the bank using our published phone number 877.402.9019.

  • The person on the phone wants to ‘help’ you get logged in to Online Banking or reset your password.
  • The person requests you read them back a code sent to you via email, text or by phone call.
  • You’re requested to give any of your card information. Full card number, 3-digit code on back, expiration date or PIN. 

You can help keep your accounts and your money safe! To recap: 

  • Never share a Secure Access Code
  • Never share your Online Banking User ID or Password
  • Never share your PIN with anyone. A bank employee will NEVER ask for this.
  • Never share the information printed on your card (number, CVV or expiration date)

First Bank Kansas places the highest priority on keeping your money and your personal information safe.